WaterMarks offers image solutions to suit your needs, whether it be for purchase, licence, rental or leasing. We will assist you with all your print requirements from our range of images, either customised or standard sizes.

Payment options


You can make purchases from the Gallery, over the telephone, by email or text message. Simply provide your credit card details, which are kept secure until your payment is approved, then deleted. We will confirm payment with either a tax invoice, EFTPOS receipt or both.


We have a layby facility that allows you to pay a deposit, then make regular payments to complete your purchase. Download Layby Conditions document


Where there are requirements for digital versions of images we can provide them under a usage/publication Licence Deed prepared by our legal team. The licences define our image reproduction requirements, the security (copyright protection) protocols to be followed by the purchaser and third party contract organisations. Typically, licences are used by media publishers such as film, television, books, magazines and digital applications. The legal costs of preparing a licence is to the purchaser.

Rental & Lease

Our rental and lease programs are affordable options for businesses and homeowners to rent or acquire our fine art photographic prints as an alternative to using your working capital.

The rental and lease agreements are made directly between the client and WaterMarks Gallery. No outside leasing or finance company is involved. Any single Print or Print collection with a combined value of $1,000 or over may be leased or rented.

The Prints must be installed by our installation team.  Prints will be delivered, once a credit application is approved. Both, theft and damage insurance, during transit, are the responsibility of the lessor. Transportation costs are the responsibility of the lessee. Once the Prints(s) have been installed, the lessee will add a rider to his/her insurance policy, covering the value of the Prints(s) for the duration of the lease/rental agreement.


1 year Print Rental Agreements cost 1.85% of the price of the Prints(s) per month plus shipping or delivery fees inclusive of GST.

Month to month Print Rental Agreements cost 2.9% of the price of the Prints(s) per month plus shipping or delivery fees inclusive of GST.

Renter may replace selected Prints(s) for Prints(s) of similar value at any time during the rental period.

Contact us today for more information or try our lease calculator:


Term Lease Purchase Agreement: 12 to 60 monthly payments of 2.50% of the retail value of the Prints(s) and an end of contract buyout.

Leasing Calculator

Value of Lease

Monthly Lease Payment
Year 1 buyout
Year 2 buyout
Year 3 buyout
Year 4 buyout
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