Barrie Sutherland, surfer and pioneer photographer

"The heritage of surfing in Victoria and especially Bells Beach owes so much to the great black and white images shot by Barrie in the 60's and 70's" - Doug Warbrick, Rip Curl co-founder

"As competitors struggled to get out into the lineup through a 12-15 foot roaring forties swell, a lone photographer, Barrie Sutherland, shot the drama of the event. Robert Conneeley won the event and Sutherland's photos forever fixed Bells in the mind of many as Australia's Waimea Bay" - Phil Jarrett, The Australian Surfer's Journal, (Vol 1 No.2)

Fine art photographic images

WaterMarks specialises in fine art, film-based, black & white images from Barrie Sutherland's fabulous portfolio of pioneering surfing photography. From dramatic surfing action to sculptured seascapes and the surfers, Barrie captured the unique surfing culture of the 1960s.

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Rip Curl Pro 2018 - 50yrs anniversary March 1968

The 1968 contest was held in small waves at Rincon. These images are a selection from Barrie's catalogue.

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